Marijuana Stocks PreMarket Update For Monday 11-20-2017

(CRPGF) Breaking News! CNRP Mining Inc (CRPGF) X-SPRAYS Appoints John Knapp as Chief Executive Officer

This morning, (CRPGF) made a BIG announcement. The company announced that X-SPRAYS, subject to regulatory approval, has appointed John Knapp as the new Chief Executive Officer . This is on the heels of its last update where the company’s target, X-SPRAYS announced that it launched a test market for two of its products with a group of Denver, Colorado based medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

And here’s what could be a very key piece in today’s news: Mr. Knapp brings over 8 years of experience in the cannabis industry to X-SPRAYS. A pioneer in the legal cannabis industry, John Knapp is a co-founder of PharmaCielo, a Colombian based, internationally focused medicinal-grade cannabis extract company.  Mr. Knapp is also the founder of Colorado-based Good Meds, an award-winning medical cannabis business with a 90,000 square foot cultivation and extraction facility that is vertically integrated via supplying to two dispensaries in the Denver market.

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Have You Connected The Dots?

Bear in mind that CRPGF is our newest Connect the Dots feature. These types of features focus on emerging companies within the marijuana industry that we believe could have longer term potential. We originally debuted (CRPGF) this summer and ever since bringing it to light as our newest Connect the Dots focus, we’ve watched as (CRPGF) continues to climb.

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Trending: California Releases Marijuana Regulations for 2018 Sales.

Registered voters in California just last year have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, which will be commencing in 2018, a decision to blend a new market with its matured medical marijuana industry which is forecasted to become a $7 billion Industry, the largest in the U.S. The sunshine state’s highly anticipated regulations regarding the upcoming legal marijuana industry have been released and they may put smaller growers out of business.

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