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About the Founder

Rick Trojan, a business owner and hemp farmer in Colorado, is a passionate activist and advocate for that industry, as well as an advisor to several companies dealing with both the high and low THC sides of the plant. In an effort to educate the public and lobby to change federal legislation, which prohibits the cultivation of hemp, Rick initiated the Hemp Road Trip and drove a biodiesel bus on 4 nationwide tours. He has visited 48 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, as well as the European Union, and has spoken with a large number of CEOs, educators, researchers and legislators along the way.

Rick is active in many hemp industry-leading organizations, as board Vice-President of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, board member of the Vote Hemp lobbying organization, board member of the Hemp Industries Association (national) and the Colorado Hemp Industries Association (state), and business advisor to the National Hemp Association, bringing his extensive business experience and access to global cannabis networks.

About Our Purpose

The purpose of the Hemp Road Trip is to raise awareness of hemp through a nationwide grassroots campaign, educating citizenry, gather commitments to cosponsors Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, influence state senators and representatives, promote domestic hemp businesses, educate farmers on the benefits of planting hemp and to document nationwide campaign. Check out our video below to see a more detailed explanation of the purpose of our road trip.
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