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Juiced Cannabis
Indoor Weed Growing 2013 - My Medical Marijuana prescription is for juicing raw cannabis. My Goal is to stop the pain and progression of my arthritis, learn and prove I know how to grow weed, and meet and exceed all requirements for a licensed commercial Marijuana grower for Health Canada by the summer of 2014. marijuana, cannabis, weed. "grow room...
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2015 Denver Cannabis Cup
This channel is a collection of videos from the Cannabis Cup held in Denver April 18th through 20th, 2015 ~
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420 Music
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420 Science Club
The 420 Science Club is a place where you can watch stuff from 420 Science. You'll learn about our full line of products along with a bunch of other cool shit from our industry. Hopefully you'll have fun and learn something. We're cranking out videos, and trying our best to make them better every time.
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Amy Goodman & Democracy No...
Amy Goodman Host and Executive Producer Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 1,300 public television and radio stations worldwide. Time Magazine named Democracy Now! its “Pick of the Podcasts,” along with NBC’s Meet the Press. The Nieman Foundatio...
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Brian Arellano
A Home Grown video blog ~
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Bud + Breakfast
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Cannabinoid Research
Videos from our channel may or may not at any time contain in full or in part, a series or multiple series of derivative works which are LEGAL under FAIR USE LAW. All videos have descriptions which indicate the real owners and source of the content, any demand from the copyright holder to remove the content will result in the content being removed...
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Cannabis and Courage
HDYK/Cannabis and Courage will be the key digital rich media source of information , education, and entertainment about cannabis and hemp through video and digital media. Aligned with Industry leaders and Pioneers the online platform will feature professionally produced series, commercials, digital media, and integrated marketing. It will offer the...
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Cannabis Comedy
Some of the best marijuana comedy, in one place ~
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Cannabis Grow Videos
Videos about how to grow Cannabis Inside
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Cannabis Movie Trailers
Cannabis Movie Trailers is my Channel of favorite "Need To See" movie trailers and movies
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Cannabis News Network
Cannabis News Network is a news network which publishes only cannabis related news. We strive to make; serious, factual news stories to show the world that cannabis is what it is, an most resourceful plant we can gain so much from, industrial, medicinal and recreational.
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Cannabis Research
This channel is a collection of recent cannabis research videos and documentaries.
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Cannabis Training Universi...
The World Leader in Online Marijuana Education. Get Certified online as a Cannabis Grower and Bud Tender. Taught by Cannabis Cup Winners and Medical Marijuana Industry Leaders!
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Cloudponics is a fully automated, cloud controlled plant grow solution that allows anyone to grow from seed to harvest with optimal results and no hassle.
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Coming Out Green - by Gree...
COMING OUT GREEN Get involved - http://greenflowermedia.com . Coming Out Green is a campaign to end the social stigma of cannabis forever. If you liked this video, please share it with your friends and follow us on social media for more great content. Also visit the website to download your FREE Green Flower Reports to get educated about safe and h...
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Cops Say Legalize Drugs
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organization representing cops, judges, prosecutors, prison wardens and civilians who now want to legalize and regulate all drugs after witnessing horrors and injustices fighting on the front lines of the "war on drugs."
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Coral Reefer
High! I'm Coral. I fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and have enjoyed learning about this plant everyday since. I answer questions submitted to stoneysunday.com/askstoneysunday once a week, and sneak in random videos in between. Pack a bowl, load the bong, heat the nail, and let's stay high together.
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Cowboy Hippy
Cowboy Hippy lives in Colorado and uses SmokeUps as a Cannabis Video Drop Box ~ Enjoy!
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Damsel W. Dank
cannabis activist cheesehead alt model atmosphere addict mother moose tina belcher fanatic indigo child wifey
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David Pakman Show
The David Pakman Show, nationally syndicated talk radio & television program covering news, politics, and entertainment!
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Dispensary Tours - WeedMap...
WELCOME TO WEEDMAPSTV Weedmaps is the #1 Medical Marijuana Strain Locator and Dispensary finder site in the world. We're here to help you FIND THE GOOD STUFF in your area and beyond. From serving up the highest rated doctors and dispensaries to strains and the best products worldwide in our online shop. Weedmaps is more than just "the yelp of marij...
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DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories and perspectives you won't find anywhere else. New videos, twice daily! TestTube is a network for the young-at-mind where it's cool to be smart and curiosity is the fuel. We are a digital network, native to the internet where optimism travels, like a virus, at...
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Ganja Girls
Ganja Girls * Your Boyfriends Favorite Channel
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Getting Doug With High- Do...
Join Doug Benson while he smokes weed with fellow comedians live on "Getting Doug with High". Check out the merch store: http://bit.ly/dougMerch Connect with Video Podcast Network Online: Visit The VPN Website: http://full.sc/Xo5lyt Follow Video Podcast Network on Twitter: http://full.sc/ZMVp5X Like Video Podcast Network on Facebook: http://full.sc...
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Grow Life
Grow Life
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Grow Weed Mash Up
A collection of "How To" grow marijuana from a mash up up of sources ~
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Hash Brothers
Hash Brothers introduces "Pipes and Lighters": a game of legalization, rebellion, and most importantly...POT! Coming soon to a dispensary near you!
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Hemp Road Trip
About the Founder Rick Trojan, a business owner and hemp farmer in Colorado, is a passionate activist and advocate for that industry, as well as an advisor to several companies dealing with both the high and low THC sides of the plant. In an effort to educate the public and lobby to change federal legislation, which prohibits the cultivation of hem...
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Hemp, Health & Beauty
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This channel shares videos about hempcrete, how to's, why it's a great construction material and why it needs to be legalized.
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High Times
HIGH TIMES has been the world's No. 1 resource for cannabis information, culture and reports from the War on Drugs for 39 years. Providing cutting-edge journalism that no other magazine would touch, HIGH TIMES grew into a counterculture authority and now leads the charge as marijuana goes mainstream. Go behind the scenes with the crew as they trave...
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Kush n Wax
find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/420KuShNwAxCoNnEcTiOn
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Luci Westphal
Weekly 1-minute videos from Berlin, Brooklyn, Colorado and around... from a German New Yorker splitting her time between Berlin, Brooklyn and Colorado.
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Mandatory Marley
Reggae from the first family ~
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Marijuana Debates
Mash Up of marijuana debates and discussions ~
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Marijuana Facts
This is a collection of recent Marijuana Facts videos from all over the web.
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Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana legalization mash up of random videos ~
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Marijuana Man
Welcome to the Marijuana Man channel
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Marijuana Policy Project
Support for ending marijuana prohibition is at an all-time high, and many are asking which states will be the next to legalize. Here are the states that we believe will make marijuana legal for adults within the next few years. Learn more about MPP and our work to pass these laws at http://www.MarijuanaPolicy.org
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Mark Klokeid
Mark Klokeid aka Theweedguy is a cancer survivor with a zest for life. Join him as he experiences cannabis around the world.
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Media Revolt
Media Revolt is an aggregate news site breaking mainstream media's status quo by providing in depth alternative reporting on issues facing our world today.
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Merry Jane
CANNABIS. CULTURE. FOR ALL. MERRY JANE is the premiere platform for the next generation of cannabis and culture, offering sophisticated and accessible perspectives on music, tech, fashion, food and more. MERRY JANE is helping to establish a new and responsible cannabis mentality, maintaining diversity and open discussion as guiding principles. For...
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Mike Arthur Fuller
Mike Arthur Fuller
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MUNCHIES is a new food channel from VICE. We chronicle the diverse global topics within the world of food: chefs and home cooks, makers and consumers, politics and personalities, restaurant life, old wives tales, pop culture, and breaking news.
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Vlad & Daniel. Crazy Russian pranksters from Sweden. En-f*cking-joy! +-----------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------------------------+ Мы русские парни из Швеции, снимаем прикольные видео и выкладываем их на Ю-ТЮБ. Подписывайтесь и смотрите наши клипы :) Пранки, розыгрыши, социальные эксперименты!
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Videos from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), featuring speakers and presentations from conferences, seminars, and festivals dedicated to spreading the truth about cannabis.
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Pot TV
http://www.pot.tv/ Pot TV was created by Marc Emery and began broadcasting video on the internet in 2000. Since then Pot TV has continued to produce the cannabis-related video covering news, growing, politics, medical marijuana, entertainment and live coverage of cannabis events from our studios in Vancouver BC. Pot TV is produced due to the effort...
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